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Whether you and your child’s other parent have been separated for a long time or are in the middle of breaking up, your children have ongoing needs for stability and normalcy, especially in the upcoming holiday season. Holidays are different for every family, but however you choose to divide up parental and family time, it will certainly affect your children.

As a loving parent, you may be searching for strategies to help keep conflicts to a minimum and allow you, your children and the other parent to participate in important moments and create lifelong memories during the holidays. One of the most useful ways to balance time spent in either parent’s home is to alternate the locations where children spend holidays.

Your children have ongoing needs for stability and normalcy, especially in the upcoming holiday season.

Parents might swap out where the children stay for each holiday individually or alternate by the year. Similarly, some parents who live very close by each other may choose to split up time within a single holiday or holiday weekend. For instance, one parent may keep the kids on Christmas morning and swap with the other parent after lunch, and the children would stay the night.

Some families circumvent these issues by making a family practice of celebrating a holiday with one parent and then celebrating the same occasion with the other parent the next weekend. While not every family finds this strategy useful, for some it is just flexible to enough to meet their needs.

If you need more guidance figuring out how to share parenting time, you can consult with an experienced family law attorney. Professional guidance can help you assess your needs and strengths and may identify options you don’t realize you have available. Don’t hesitate to reach out for practical guidance from a family law attorney who understands the difficulties that parents face and how important it is to deal with these issues effectively.

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