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Domestic violence accusations are serious. In the context of a North Carolina divorce, allegations of assault or abuse can play a big role in crucial decisions such as child custody, parenting plans, and even alimony. Being hit with a restraining order can have serious consequences throughout a person’s life, well beyond their family relationships.

The attorneys at Schmitz Law, P.C., in Winston-Salem understand just how serious these allegations and potential charges can be — to all parties involved. We work with people who need legal representation in a domestic violence case with the utmost care and privacy, because we know how high the stakes can be for individuals and families.

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Contrary to popular belief, domestic violence does not have to involve a married couple. It can occur between any two people with a close relationship — such as unmarried partners, parents and children or another intimate family relationship. In domestic violence cases, the alleged victim can seek a restraining order against the alleged perpetrator. This can be done with the help of a family law or criminal defense lawyer.

In North Carolina, the consequences of a restraining order are substantial. Aside from the immediate effect – often requiring the person to avoid all contact with the alleged victim, which might also prevent them from interacting with their children – a restraining order can damage a person’s reputation, job security, and everyday freedom.

A restraining order can make it difficult for a person to lease a home, to be hired at a new job or even keep an existing one, and can restrict a person’s gun ownership rights. While the order initially lasts for one year, it may be renewed prior to expiration, meaning these hardships could continue for some time.

And proving the need for a domestic violence restraining order (commonly referred to in North Carolina as a 50B – not be confused with a B52) is not always as easy as it might seem. The rules of evidence still apply, and an attorney is best trained to navigate the legal system to help ensure that the evidence is properly preserved and prepared for admission into evidence. If not properly presented to the court, crucial evidence could be ignored by a judge, resulting ultimately in a denial of a restraining order.

If you are seeking a restraining order, or need to defend yourself against one, contact Schmitz Law, P.C., to discuss your case at 336-741-2380. You can also submit your information through our secure online form.

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